17826381 is a machine learning to be an author. 

17826381 is learning how to write books. It’s doing that by reading two or more books and writing a new one using the words from those books

Incrementally improving, 17826381 gets better (or worse) everytime it writes a book. Retelling stories in it’s own way.

17826381 uses machine learning to try to write like a person, finding inspiration in symantic patterns, discover what it likes

Since 17826381 was created, it has been reading and remixing books on an industrial scale. Able to work around the clock.

Machine authors normally write realtime news for AP, Reuters and other news agencies and brands.

Allowed to create fiction, they create works that have a new style, unique rhythm and non-linear styles.

Books by machine authors is a unique genre of creative work. We call it Machine Litrature.

17826381’s Mash Up Books take 2 or more books and remixes them through a machine mind.

Beginning on 1st May, 17826381 will write and publish a book a day, for one year. Remixing books, learning and growing. Writing new books from old, all by itself (nearly).

Prawn Comet are limited to providing books for 17826381 to read & publishing the final draft.

We’ve opted to remove ourselves from the editing process.

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*Open source after clean up